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My-Fin brings you Funeral, Accidental Death and Disability Cover

... with many other benefits, underwritten by LION OF AFRICA – a business of caring from a name you can trust!
Affordable Individual or Family Funeral Accidental Death and Disability Cover It’s difficult enough losing a loved one but the worry about money for the funeral often falls on the family that is left behind. The Funeral Plan gives you peace-of-mind knowing you can bury your loved ones with dignity and respect. What you are covered for:

  • Death as a result of natural causes
  • Boosted cover if death is as a result of an accident
  • Disability cover following an accident
  • Cover for children of single parents is absolutely free
  • Premiums ranging from just R49,00 to R200,00 for an entire family  per month
  • Guaranteed acceptance if you and your family are South African citizens or permanent residents and under the age of 65
  • No medical examinations are required of you or your family members
It’s always sad when loved ones pass away. To make matters worse it is traumatic enough to arrange and plan a funeral, let alone worry about the financial burden associated. A few things to think about:

  • Gather personal information to compile an obituary and memorial cards;
  • Choose a funeral home;
  • If not already chosen by deceased, decide if it’s to be a burial or cremation;
  • Select a casket or cremation container;
  • Choose the funeral location and type of funeral service;
  • Decide what the deceased will wear;
  • Select the music for the funeral service and choose readings for the service;
  • If you wish include flower arrangements;
  • Arrange for funeral transportation;
  • Select the pallbearers and the family member or friend who is going to perform the eulogy;
  • Choose a cemetery (if not already chosen by the deceased) and a burial/cremation plot;
  • Submit the obituary to the appropriate newspapers;
  • Apply for death certificates and a burial permit.

Prevention is better than cure. Every individual who has assets should have a will! Throughout life, every individual obtains assets and personal belongings. Simply put, a Will is an instruction in your lifetime of what you would like done with your assets in the event of your death. Over 80% of people in many countries die without a will which has consequences most people are unaware of. Every competent person of 16 years and older who owns assets and is mentally able to understand the results of his or her actions, should have a will. Why? If a person dies without a Will, it could lead to severe administrative, tax and legal problems and possibly also lead to financial losses. To make matters worse the very people you may not wish to inherit your assets could end up inheriting them. Visit our sister company, Wills Factory, and create yourself a will without delay.

Frequently Asked Questions

All persons under age 65 are guaranteed acceptance. You may also cover your spouse (under age 65) by selecting the Family Plan. Your spouse will be insured for the same benefits as you.
YES. If you enroll in the family plan all of your unmarried dependent children (including legally adopted and step children) under age 19 or up to 25 if in full time education – are automatically covered at no additional cost. Children of single parent families are automatically covered under the individual plan at no additional cost. Each child is then insured for 25% of the number of units you select. However, the death benefit for children who are 5 years or younger will not exceed R10 000, and for children aged 6 years to 14 years the death benefit will not exceed R30,000 (this is in accordance with Government Legislation).
Permanent Disability means your total incapacity to carry out any occupation. Such Disability qualifies you for a lump payment of R40,000 per unit. Loss of sight, loss of speech, loss of hearing or the amputation of a limb also qualify for the full “Permanent Disability” Benefit. Lesser disabilities, like the loss of a finger are also covered as detailed in the table of benefits in this booklet. Remember, the table of benefits shows you all the benefits that are payable for ONE UNIT. When you purchase FIVE UNITS you will be paid five times the amount shown in the table for the applicable benefit that you are claiming.
The Hospital Benefit will pay you if you or a family member are hospitalised as an in-patient for more than 24 hours as a result of an accident. This benefit is payable in addition to whatever payments you may receive from your medical aid. In the case of a death due to accident, the Death Expenses Benefit provides a lump-sum which is payable in addition to any other funeral policy that you may have.
The only exclusions are injuries as a result of:

  • war, whether declared or undeclared;
  • nuclear weapons or device or chemical or biological agent;
  • exposure to obvious risk or danger including suicide or attempted suicide;
  • pre-existing physical conditions; air travel unless as a passenger;
  • injuries arising from the abuse of drugs or alcohol;
  • active participation in war;
  • riots or civil disturbances;
  • professional sport;
  • parachuting and bungee jumping;
  • any illness.

Note: You and your family will be covered if you are injured due to an act of terrorism.

The cover becomes effective on the first day of the month following the month in which the first premium was paid.

Backed by a Name You Can Trust

... for under R2.00 a day!

How Do I Claim?

In order to claim simply call our call centre or complete this claim form.

What happens once I have reported a claim?

In the event of death our claims department will:

  • process the claim within 24 hrs and payout within 48 hours if we have all the requirements to do so…
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Who Can Claim?

  • If the policyholder is the deceased, the benefit is payable to the nominated beneficiary or beneficiaries of the death benefit.
  • If there is no beneficiary appointed, the benefit is payable to the nominee for ownership.
  • If there is no beneficiary or nominee, the benefit is payable to the next insured as indicated in the policy.
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What To Send Us

Cause of death: Natural (for example illness)

  • This completed funeral claim form.
  • A certified copy of the official death certificate issued by the Department of Home Affairs.
  • A certified copy of the deceased’s identity document.
  • A certified copy of the claimant’s identity document.
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